Where we connect manufacturers and innovators with available production capacity.

The Sharing Economy is booming. More and more consumers are discovering the trend towards "using instead of owning".

The growing demand in the highly competitive manufacturing sector continues to push businesses to find ways to reduce their overhead costs. Online platforms enable companies to leverage technology and develop aggregating platforms designed to connect markets. This seamless integration of technology creates a digital sharing ecosystem that enables organizations to share resources to reduce operating costs while creating new revenue streams.

McPond is a peer-to-peer platform developed for supporting the manufacturing industry globally by connecting manufacturers and innovators with available production capacity. The platform helps businesses to grow together through collaborative consumption of machinery and equipment. McPond is beneficial for both the machine owners (lenders) and the renters. The platform allows machine owner to capitalize on their idle machinery by sharing it with other businesses while enabling the renter to get access to the machinery without investing money to purchase the machine.

Our vision is to assist manufacturers by integrating technological solutions for sharing resources and evolving sustainable business practices. We are committed to building a platform which meets the needs of the 21st century and creates a wealth of connections in the manufacturing industry.