Help Flight Covid-19 - Sharing of Machines
Created by Rigved Raut at Apr 16, 2020, 5:19 AM

McPond’s B2B Sharing Platform Facilitates Matching Underutilized; Idle Machinery In An Effort To Coordinate Manufacturing of Crucial Medical Supplies In The Fight Against COVID-19.

Perhaps the largest underpinning of any economy is the manufacturing. Manufacturing and the equipment that is integral to its production has transformed the world many times over. As the US economy grinds to a halt due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is manufacturing that can, once again, be the solution to preventing a full-blown economic meltdown.


At the moment, manufacturers across the US are working to keep their teams healthy and safe while contending with not just the economy, but also their supply chains and operations. A newly released survey of manufacturing leaders conducted by the National Association of Manufacturers reveals 53.1% of manufacturers are anticipating a change in their operations in the coming months with 35.5% saying they are already facing supply chain disruptions.


For essential services that require manufacturing and equipment, one solution may be B2B sharing. Machines sit idle throughout the nation. If these machines could be put to use in this time of need, it could bolster the overall economy, lend a hand to the industry as a whole and produce vital goods and equipment to aid in the fight against COVID-19. connects idle and unused machinery with users who have a short term or temporary need, can fill this niche by identifying idle machines that could easily be put to use in coordinating PPE/Medical Equipment production or crucial supplies as the world scrambles to strengthen and expand the medical resource supply-chain in the face of this global pandemic.


All industries are turning their attention to how they can help during the Coronavirus crisis. With a shortage of PPE and Medical Equipment such as ventilators, technology and manufacturing can facilitate demand, with both large companies and small industrialists now pivoting to provide these necessary goods. Whether it’s the production of personal protective or medical equipment for healthcare workers on the front line, masks for the general public, disinfectant goods or other medical and life-saving supplies, companies - both big and small - are wanting to put their personnel and resources for fighting the war against COVID-19. They no longer have to be held back by lack of manufacturing equipment as a platform like McPond can facilitate peer to peer usage and fill the gap by matching idle machinery with users eager to use them.


This machine idling capacity can be shared to benefit the entire industry. The use of B2B sharing of these machines can contribute to keeping the economy going, supporting the manufacturing sector as a whole and most importantly provide essential goods and services for those most in need in the trenches of this war against COVID-19. 

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