What is McPond?

McPond is an access-of-ownership sharing company based in Chicago which lets customers list their idle or unused manufacturing equipment for rental. Our vision is to help manufacturers get those idle machines running and generate additional revenue. In applying shared economy concepts to the industry, we are committed to connecting business owners with idle machinery to business owners and entrepreneurs requiring specific machinery at various points in time. Everybody benefits and the machinery keeps business booming, inspires new manufacturing and generates social capital in the industry.

How does McPond work?

A machine renter who has a job coming up, can easily browse the website and find and book the machine he or she needs for a particular project. At that point, the renter will then be able to send a message to the owner and discuss all requirements (and whatever part details needs to be manufactured) with the machine owner. During this time, McPond authorizes the credit card.

There is a mandatory message field during booking because the initial conversation between renter and owner is an essential part of the process. We strongly suggest that scope, timeline, raw material, programming, job set-up, tooling, measuring instruments, factory capabilities or any other auxiliary services - if required - be discussed with the machine owner prior to acceptance of the job. This enables them to assist in best possible way and keep clear lines of communication. Note that raw material costs are not included in the Machine rental fee unless specified on the machine page in addons.

Once the machine owner reviews the job details and based on the job compatibility with machine, he or she will accept or decline the request. If accepted, the booking begins when the machine is put to use for that particular project. At that point, the machine owner will log daily machine operated hours. McPond’s billing cycle ends on every Mondays, the machine renter will be invoiced and their billing method charged every Monday for the previous week’s hours. If the job is declined by machine owner, the card authorization will be released.

Both the machine owner or the machine renter can then simply end the booking from the booking details in the settings section at anytime - or once the project is completed.

Further, the machine owner will provide a qualified operator to assist with the job and operate the machine. The machine will always be operated by the machine owners qualified operator. Again, McPond was created to inspire manufacturing by providing access to machines and opportunity.

Why rent with McPond?

For renters, using McPond helps to avoid major capital investment in expensive machines allowing entrepreneurs to grow more quickly or established outfits to save money. The process creates collaborative manufacturing and in this way gives the renters access to a variety of different machines in their desired location.

Can I list my Machine on McPond?

Yes, if you have idle manufacturing capacity you can list your machine on McPond. It doesn't cost anything to list the equipment and machines can be listed in multiple locations around the country. Listing your idle machinery creates passive income and additional revenue if the equipment is just sitting around collecting dust in between jobs. If you have multiple similar machines, its a great way to make use of all of them at one time by sharing access. By providing easy access to equipment to renters, McPond looks to providing a boost to industry and the future of manufacturing.

How do I book Machine with McPond?

Finding rentals with McPond is easy!

The first step is to make an account.

From there, you can browse McPond and see machines available near you. If you know exactly what you are looking for, go ahead and search for it directly via our search bar.

Once you find a machine that you are interested in:

  1. Simply book the machine;
  2. Discuss you job with the machine owner in detail;
  3. Machine owner accepts job;
  4. Once accepted, booking begins when machine is used for that particular project. The machine owner will log daily machine operated hours. McPond’s billing cycle is on a Monday and the renter will be invoiced and their billing method charged every Monday for the previous week’s hours;
  5. During the booking or once the booking has ended, both Machine owners and renters can leave feedback about their experience and rate one another.
Can I operate machine?

Machines are usually operated by Machine owners’ qualified operator unless another scenario is worked out between owner and renter.

Can I book machine just for few hours?

Yes, you are more than welcome to book machine for just a few hours.

All of McPond machines are booked and priced per hour, so if you only need to book hours on a machine for a short job, you can discuss it with the machine owner.

How Do I End the Booking?

You can simply end booking from the booking details in the settings section.

How do I list my Machine with McPond?

Click on list machine and follow simple steps.

What is included in my rental?

The Machine Operator as well as any add-ons which you must list on machine page.

The goal is always to help machine renters efficiently complete their job(s).

How do I log machine hours?

Machine hours are logged using the actions in the booking dialog.

log hours 1st steplog hours 2nd step
Is there a listing fee?

Listing your machinery with McPond.com is completely free.

Are there any legal implications to equipment being rented?

An owner is responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licenses and permits required for operation of machines.

It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that any operator is mentally and physically capable, and legally permitted to operate the machine if licensing is required.

Please see our Terms of Use for further information.

When I will be billed?

McPond’s billing cycle ends on Monday of every week. Machine renters will be invoiced and their billing method charged every Monday for the previous week’s hours logged by the owner.

Do I have to log machine hours daily?

Yes, owners need to log hours daily. The cutoff time for previous day is 11:59PM UCT.

When I will get paid for my rented machine?

All time logged by the machine owner during the week is automatically invoiced to the machine renter on the following Monday as per schedule below:

  • Week 1 – Machine owner logs time on McPond platform.
  • Week 2 – Hours within the weekly limit are invoiced and charged to machine renter on Monday.
  • Week 3 – Earnings are wire transferred on Wednesday to Machine owner.
rent process
What if the Machine Owner Fails To Respond?

If you have booked a machine and the Machine Owner has become unresponsive for a long period of time, you should pause the contract and wait for further contact from them.

In some cases, you may also reach out to McPond to contact the Machine owner on your behalf.

Already-logged hours will be invoiced as usual, but no further work or payment should be expected on the paused booking. To continue your work on the machine in the future, you and the machine owner will need to restart the paused booking.

Can I pay Machine owners outside of McPond?

Machine Renters should never attempt to pay machine owners outside of the McPond platform. Paying and communicating through McPond helps ensure that you're protected under our Terms of Service, Payments, cancellation and refund policies and other safeguards. Paying or communicating outside of McPond also makes it harder for us to protect personal information and puts the customer at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing. These benefits and safeguards can only be provided if the machine is booked and paid for directly through the McPond platform. If a Machine owner asks to pay outside of the McPond, McPond should be contacted immediately by emailing support@mcpond.com or calling +1 (312) 761-4490 to report any such activity.


Does McPond offer any additional insurance?

At this time, we don’t offer any liability or machine insurance options for machine owner or our renters or renters job. If you want liability insurance, you’ll need to find an external provider.