2019 HAAS 4 Axis CNC Mill - Vertical Minimill 2

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$85.00 / Hour
Highland Charter Township
measuring/inspection instruments
Keyence optical comparator
Browne & Sharpe CMM
dye penetrant testing
materials sourcing
quick turnaround
Christian Chapdelaine
Brand new model 3 and 4 axis CNC mill. Multiple rotary heads available. Custom made fixtures and tooling for each job that goes on this machine. Capable of very quick turnarounds and on-call machining.
HAAS digital monitor, materials carried in house or arrive on our floor within 1-2 days, CAD/CAM programs available for use at shop, custom CNC programming, operator available, inspection capabilities and quality programs available too. ISO 9001:2015 registered shop.


20" x 16" x 14" capacity, custom fixturing and tooling made for every job (some tooling may already be available on our floor for your job), 20 tool capacity, coolant and air available, 4th axis rotary head available

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