Haas TM-1 CNC Mill w/HRT 210 4th axis rotary

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$60.00 / Hour
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Ron Lumsden
Haas TM-1 New in 2005, perfect condition, accurate, interpolates w/i .0002" 10 tool changer, CAT-40 taper, HRT210 rotary, rigid tapping.
This machine has been maintained by us. Each year the guards are removed, chips are cleaned, bearings are serviced, everything is cleaned, regreased, oiled, and reassembled. This machine had an aluminum block job, on a 4 sided fixture, mounted on the rotary, with a live center support on the opposite end, We made outriggers to accomodate the rotary and center, allowing the full range of motion in the X axis. That job ran for 7 years approxamately 10 days out of each month, production. At other times, smaller vice work was done. So there is no excessive wear in any one spot and the machine remains very accurate.


Ideal for aluminum, very good for medium milling in various steels. The guard has been removed to allow for larger work that will not fit within the guard envelope. Work Envelope is 30"x, 12"y, 16"z

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